Distance Riding (DRASA)

What is DRASA?

DRASA is an equestrian sport called Competitive Trail Riding overseas. We focus on distance and horsemanship, thereby promoting a long lasting relationship with your horse. Any and every horse and rider as a combination can participate as it is an exercise in strategized pace riding and a sport where the whole family is encouraged to participate.

  •  This is NOT a sport where speed is your ultimate goal. The event results are based on a horse/rider combination and although a timed event the combination with the highest score in Horsemanship, Pacing and Veterinary points can win even though they may ride at the minimum speed set.
  •  In DRASA there is a place for you, even if you want  to ride for pleasure or fun. We  offer a discipline affiliated to SAEF where we can regulate the speeds, distances and horse welfare and  improve and educate riders in the necessary skills to ride long distance with the same horse for years and years .

How does it work?

There are three judging categories

  • TIME
  • Each affiliation to DRASA receives a free Riders bib and Timing band. As there are no weight divisions and each rider may nominate their overall speed to complete the course within the set course and division parameters, families and friends can ride together , camp together and enjoy the fun friendly atmosphere
  • Register on their website and read all about it and then contact us so we may welcome you into the Distance family of DRASA!

Contacts are : Cindy Radomsky – Email info.drasa@gmail.com,

Website : www.drasa.org.za,

Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/groups/537367630101852/?ref=group_header

or  cell number : 0824641809