SANESA is a vibrant and dynamic organization, acknowledged by the South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF) and SASCOC, and has dedicated itself to promoting all forms of Equestrian sport within the South Africa’s schools’ community. The Members of SANESA (Schools) are represented by their Learners.   Riders do not need to belong to any other Equestrian Association/Club in order to participate at any SANESA event.

Currently there are 14 diverse equestrian competition disciplines.   Each Province in South Africa has SANESA representation and some Provinces are also broken up into Districts.  Every Province/District holds up to 4 multi-discipline competitions in the first 7 months of the year and then the top 8 riders (GP – 12 riders) with the most accumulated points in each discipline go forward to represent their Province at the annual SANESA National Championships during September/October.

It is not essential for anyone to actually own their own horse or pony to participate in SANESA – many riding school pupils compete with success at our events on borrowed horses/ponies.  SANESA is striving to ensure that it is an all inclusive organisation and that anyone who wishes to compete is not disadvantaged in any way.

The most important thing a learner can bring to SANESA is a passion for horses and ponies and further just have FUN!

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President: Jan Joubert