Showing as an equestrian discipline strives to exhibit the most nearly perfect example of a particular type or breed of horse. Competitors must be skilled in the training and presentation of the horse as an athlete. When showing a horse, the rider has to perfect that art of riding the horse to show it off to its best advantage.

The horse’s movement, ability and manners, are all taken into consideration in the show ring, and only in the highest level will conformation be judged. The Show Riding Horse does not require the elegance of the hack or the substance of the Hunter but should be a lovely easy ride with solid confirmation.

The Working Hunter is required to jump a course of fences, have a good gallop and have the stamina to last a hard day’s hunting. The Working Riding Horse should be obedient enough to perform various tasks with a good attitude and temperament. The In-Hand Utility Test where competitors will be required to do a utility type tests in hand. They will lead their horse/pony through, round and over a series of obstacles.

Showing provides the rider with excellent grounding in horsemanship and ring craft.

President: Shirley Sadlier