What is Showjumping?

Show jumping tests the ability of horse and rider to jump over a series of obstacles inside a riding arena. Horses and riders jump over a preset course of 10 to 20 jumps that are up to 1.60m high or 2.0m wide. Courses are designed with many tricky turns and colourful obstacles challenging both the mental and physical agility of horse and rider. The horse/rider teams must finish within a set time and penalties are given for knocking down rails and other faults.

Scores are based on the number of jumps knocked down, falls , touches, refusals to jump and time penalties.The rider with the fewest penalties wins. Ties are broken by jump-offs with penalties and fastest times used to break the tie. Riders inspect the course before riding to plan the best strategy for jumping these very challenging courses cleanly and quickly.

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President: Mr Mark White