Western Mounted Games

Western Mounted Games is the action packed, precision sport of the equestrian world. A good WMG horse do not only require the speed of a race horse, but the turning ability of a cutting horse and the control and responsiveness of the stock horse.

Western Mounted Games in South Africa only includes the American Gymkhana Events:

Barrel Racing * Keyhole * Hurry Scurry * Pole bending (Poles 1 & 2) * Quadrangle * Bi-Rangle

Single Stake * Fig 8 Flags * Fig 8 Stake * Speed Ball * Big T * Speed Barrels

A selection of 5 events are run in each Western Mounted Games Qualifier show. At the National Competition 12 of the 13 Events are selected to be competed in over three days.

The level of a rider/horse combination is determined by the average level of times ridden and recorded through the year at Qualifier shows according to a Rating “Matrix”. The “Matrix” is a time table used to determine the level of competence of a rider. In South Africa the highest average level of competence is level 4.

This sport of speed and precision, evaluated with fair and accurate time-measurement, is a sport that trains and teaches all horse and rider combinations the skills needed to grow into an accurate and effective team, able to compete successful as a team (in any discipline) under all circumstances on a high standard.

It is important to note that any horse is suitable for competing successfully in this sport. The success depends mainly on the horse-rider combination with regards to level of training, precision of completing the event, changing legs efficiently, correctly judging speed and turns, etc. Well trained rider and horse combinations normally competing in show jumping, eventing, polo cross, endurance and most other disciplines are doing exceptionally well in Western Mounted Games.

Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Anglo’s and Boerperd horses, as well as school ponies are very popular and are holding National Records in different classes and events.

President: Ms Lizaan Cilliers