Member Benefits

There are many benefits to joining the National Federation, the greatest being that as a member you can contribute towards the growth and recognition of the sport.

  • You belong to the SASCOC and SRSA affiliated National Federation
  • SAEF regulates and coordinates horse sport in South Africa
  • Competitive rights in SAEF official and unofficial competitions
  • SAEF Constitution safeguards and protects the sport and its riders
  • SAEF Rules and Regulations to protect members
  • Cover of 24/7 Public Accident and Liability Insurance
  • SAEF co-ordinates applications for Protea, SAEF colours and Provincial Colours
  • SAEF issues all HorsePassports (FEI and Group IX)
  • SAEF Issues Competition licences
  • SAEF Regulates Clubs
  • SAEF co-ordinates with FEI – Sport, Education and Coaching
  • Through the SAEF, members have access to training, education and development opportunities (coming soon)
  • Newsletters focused on high-level ON THE PODIUM and community FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH. More info soon.
  • As a member have voting rights in elections
  • Plus plenty more benefits coming soon – we will keep you updated!