SA Riders Abroad

South Africa has many riders based and competing overseas. There are various rules and regulations regarding participating abroad. These need to be adhered to in order to stay in good standing with the National Federation (SAEF) or to ensure that you are allowed to compete overseas.

All South African athletes abroad need to register with the SAEF. When selecting a Club, select SAEF Int Rider Group in the Club drop down.

You will also need to complete the following forms and make payment:

International  License – R2420 per year (Incl FEI Events) – download

National License – R330 per annum (Not incl FEI Events) – download

National and International License SAEF Riders’ Code of Conduct – download

SAEF Membership – R430 per annum  (Horse registration TBC) – Online registration at https://goo.gl/xhK9yh

FEI Reg 2018 – R550 per annum  (R275 per rider/ R275 per horse) – download

Revalidation of FEI Recognition card/ passport- only if applicable- please send Robyn Sterley an email if you need FEI passport renewals – often it is easier to do these at a federation within Europe as they will need the actual passports presented.

Please make sure you are registered with your relevant Disciplines for 2019. If you require contact information for the Disciplines please let me know,

For any other information you need regarding competing overseas, please email Robyn Sterley on fei.admin@saef.org.za